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BINGHAMTON, New York - This year's 2021 AFA Hall of Fame Inductions will take place September 30th - October 1st again at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. Normally this event is held in the June timeframe but was postponed last year due to COVID. This year's event is being rescheduled later than previous due to the construction delays at the Pro Football HoF. We have been monitoring this situation for several months and after conferring with our project planners and board of directors, we concluded that this approach presented minimal risk to our annual event. Last year's concerns mentioned in our May 2020 announcements regarding Social Distancing Challenges, Travel Concerns/Event Attendance, Business Closing Impacts to Sponsorship/Revenue are no longer issues for our new 2021 3rd quarter date.

This reschedule provides another opportunity for more alumni to become active and nominate candidates. In the interest of transparency, we have always listed the names of all active alumni/teams at AFA Alumni. As we have reiterated in our prerequistes, only active alumni will receive nomination forms. If you have previously submitted nominations, we ask that you resubmit for 2021 when the process opens. Nominations are NOT accepted via phone call/email. Please do not send bios until requested……….

Stay tuned for more updates regarding event timelines regarding submittal of nominations, sponsor ads, event registration, etc. Please forward to your friends/colleagues. To become an active alumni, please click box below:

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