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AFA Membership is open to anyone and everyone that, at one time or another, had been (or still is) involved with a semi-pro/minor league team and/or league. The AFA Semi-Pro Football Alumni Club is co-sponsored by the AFA National Association and the Members of the AFA Hall of Fame Alumni. If you are interested in a 2020 membership application, just click here!

If you would like to pay for your membership with a credit card, just click the following …

2020 Active Alumni Membership
Tim Smith Regular
Bob Harrison Premium
Brian Carder Regular
Angel Lopez Regular
Rick Sager Regular
Concetta Sager Regular
Mike Galeo Regular
Mary Lockhart Regular
Roman Strzala Regular
Ray Almeida Regular
David M. Fleck Regular
Rick Sager Regular
Concetta Sager Regular
Jerry Levine Regular
Steve Bailey Regular
Larry Schmidt Regular
Thomas Robinson Regular
Mike Carnevale Regular
Craig Ochoa Regular
Joe  Hajducky Regular
Lawrence Pollic Regular
Kevin McCarthy Regular
Ronald Hansen Regular
Stephen Oldt Regular
Bill Callahan Regular
Thomas Miniscalco Regular
Dr. William Coleman Regular
Stanley Allspach Regular
Greg Fictum Premium
Dennis Conden Regular
Dick Rosati Regular
Billy Michaels Regular
Harry Robinson Regular
William Higgins Regular
Pater O'Kane Regular
Carl Neal Regular
Jim Harmon Regular
John Yannuzzi Regular
John Tichy Regular
James E. Bucciarelli Regular
Gene Larsen Regular
Scott Boyd Regular
Alvin Lollie Regular
Ed Zibikowski Regular
Ed Zibikowski Regular
Dave Burch Regular
Brendan Kelly Regular
Thomas Manny Regular
Alphonso Smith Regular
Dave Cross Regular
Terrence Rollins Regular
Mike Cronin Regular
Bob Blechen Regular
Ron Anton Regular
Gene 'Chick' Cichowski Regular
Mike Britton Regular
Mike "Chico" Cain Regular
Phil Micech Regular
Cheryl Kardas Regular
Cheyenne Dashnaw Regular
Ricky Delaney Regular
Andy Tranchita Regular
Gary Thomas Regular
Anthony Iliano Regular


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