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Most Years of Service (P-GE-010)
41  Bob Blechen, 1957-97
39  Paul Scopetski, 1970-2008
35  Dick Barnes, 1955-89
33  Carl Frank, 1958-1990 (Plainfield Sarecens, Merchants and Oaks)
28  Skyler Sandoval, 1987-2014
23  Tom Averell, 1955-77
21  Greg Kinnunen, West Seattle Warhawks, Pierce County Bengals, Eastside Hawks and South Sound Shockers
20  Phil Zickl

Oldest Aged Player (P-GE-020)
68  Dick Barnes, 1989 Seattle Cavaliers (placekicker)
65  Steve Mosher, 1998 Parkersburg Cardinals
62  Bob Blechen, 1997 Los Angeles Mustangs
61  Paul Scopetski, 2008
59  Wayne Palmer, 2009 Portland Monarchs
55  Phil Zickl, Syracuse Express, Batavia Bandits, Hornell Dragons, Batavia Titans, Buffalo Gladiators
55  Stephen Racz, 2001 Bowling Green Blitz
53  Carl Frank, 1990 Plainfield Oaks
52  Joe Smith, 1990 Chicago Heights Broncos
52  Chuck Lowery, 2000 Evansville Vipers

Youngest Aged Player (P-GE-025)
16   Jim Jackson, 1950 Leroy All-Stars (FB)

Father-Son Playing Together (P-GE-030)
2  Wayne Marviglio (father), Ryan (son), Casey (son), 2012 Glens Falls Greenjackets
1  Jim Murray (father) and Tyler (son), Tuscarawas County Bullets 7/16/2000
1  Bill Floyd (father) and Tripp (son), Chester Bulldogs 8/19/2000
1  Paul Scopetski (father) and Scott (son), 1998 Leominster Lions
1  Tom Baleno (father) and Tom (son), Broome County Jets 1997

Most Brothers One Team (P-GE-040)
6  Nesser - Al, Frank, Fred, John, Phil, Ted, 1910 Columbus Panhandles
6  Grose – Allen, Alvin, Alton, Albert, Alden, Alphonso, 1994 Sandusky Pride

Most Games Played Career (P-GE-050)
360  Paul Scopetski, (1970-2008)
316  John Kennedy, Scranton Eagles (1983-2005)
286  Dennis Kelly, Marlboro Shamrocks (1968-91)

Most Consecutive Games Played (P-GE-060)
236  Brian Forston, Racine Raiders (1989-2004)
205  Dennis Kelly, Marlboro Shamrocks (1976-91)
200  Kevin Coursey, Brooklyn Mariners (1966-1980)
115  Bob Milkie, 1957-67 Racine Raiders

Most Teams Played For Career (P-GE-070)
14  Rick Buffington, 64 Quincy 49ers,Boston Walsh,Randolph Rams,65 New Bedford Murphy,Brockton Pros,66 Pawtucket,New Bedford Sweepers,68 New Bedford Whalers,69 Quincy,Fairhaven,70 Bridgeport Jets,72 Nashua Chiefs,Rhode Island Raiders,73 North Attleboro Kings
14  Skyler Sandoval, Orange County Cowboys, Fresno Bandits, Southern Cal Fire, Southern Cal Quakes, Santa Ana Winds, Norwalk Pilots, California Dolphins, Inglewood Blackhawks, Snoop Dogg All-stars, Henderson Wolverines, Vegas Kings, Las Vegas Elite, Summerlin Bucs, Las Vegas Trojans
13  Bob Blechen, 56 Toronto Balmy Beaches,59 Arcadia Bears,61Eagle Rock AC,63Valley All-Stars,64Orange Rhinos,68Desert Springs T-birds,68San Fern Valley Freelancers,69LA Mustangs,72 Orange Stars,76 1000 Oaks Oaks,86 San Fern Wolves,89 Ventura Cards,96 LA Falcons
13  Walter Willis, 85-87Wash Bucs,89-90,92-93Wash Bulls,94-95Wash Stonewalls,96,98-99 Virginia Monarchs,97 Spotsylvania Generals,97 Richmond Ravens,98 Washington Panthers,00 San Marcos Chargers,01-02SA Coyotes,03SA Rush,04SA Warriors,07Stex Mutiny,09Caro Rene
12  Steve Mosher,71 Sharon Blasters,73 Youngstown Hardhats, Erie Panthers,75 Beaver Co Cougars,76 Sharon Old Express,79 Erie Express,83 Woodbridge Bulls,84 Youngstown Cobras,85 Portage Lakes AllStars,86 Cleveland Falcons,90 Sharon Blasters,98 Parkersburg Cards
11  Paul Scopetski, 70 Hartford Knights,74 Webster Colonials,76 Marlboro Shamrocks,95 Leominster Lions,98 E Mass Mavericks,98 Tri-boro Rhinos,00 Commonwealth Calvary,01 Leominster Razorbacks,02 Tri-boro Rhinos,04-5 Worcester Wildcats,06-8 Woonsocket Sentinels
10  Leo Levandowski, Sun Valley Speedboys, Tinicum Outriders, Chester Colts, 1965-6 Philadelphia Bulldogs, 1966-7 Wilmington Clippers, 1967 Middletown Vikings, 1967 Ridley Township Green Knights, 1968-70 Pottstown, 1971 Norfolk, 1974-5 Philadelphia Bell
9  Chris Brooks, 1992-3 Colorado Bulldogs,1994-5 Denver Sharks,1996 Daytona Speed,1997 Denver Knights,2000 Kansas Rough Riders,2004 Denton Blast,2002-3,2005 Kansas City Panthers,2006-7 Kansas Kaos,2008 Kansas Koyotes
9  Taylor Fields, 1998 Midwest City Falcons, 1999 Oklahoma Bad Boyz, 2000 Oklahoma Cougars, 2003 Bridge Creek Cougars, 2004 Oklahoma Fire, 2006 Oklahoma City Gunners, 2007 Oklahoma Force, 2008 Shawnee Millers, 2010 Oklahoma Madd Dogs
8  Chris Pryor, 1987 Pocono Mountaineers, 1991 Holmesburg Ramblers, 1992 Middleboro Cobras, 1994 Marlboro Shamrocks, 1994 Medway Tigers, 1994 Lemonster Lions, 1996 Boston Cowboys, 1997 Randolph Oilers
8  Chris Chambers, 1997 Maine Blizzard, 1997-99 Brewer Huricanes, 2000 Maine Pride, 2001 Central Maine Storm, 2001-03 Southern Maine Raging Bulls, 2003 Lowell Nor'easter, 2004 Worcester County Wildcats, 2006 Worcester Mass Fury
7  Marc May, 1978 Joliet Fire, 1979-82 Chicago Lions, 1984 Lincolnwood Chargers, 1985 Racine Gladiators, 1986, 88-90 DuPage Eagles, 1987 Palos-Orland Force, 1999 Chicago Mavericks
6  Bryan Lee Reichard, 2000-01 Central PA Piranha, 2000 Maryland Blitz, 2002 Montgomery Bucks, 2003-05 Lancaster Lightning, 2005-06 South Central Yard Dawgs, 2007 York Hawghead Razorback

Most Teams Played For Season (P-GE-080)
5  Tony Daliesso, 1958 Marcus Hook AC, Gloucester Mustangs, Lamokin AC, William Penn, Tinicum AC (NOTE: played 5 games, one with each team in one week)
3  Leo Levandowski, 1967 Wilmington Clippers, Middletown Vikings, Ridley Township Green Knights
3  Rick Buffington, 1964 Quincy 49ers, Boston Walsh Club, Randolph Rams
3  Justin Henry, 2006 Southern Indiana Titans, Randolph County Cougars, Delaware County Chargers

Women Playing Semipro Football (P-GE-090)
0  Joann Ramirez, 1975 Sacramento Statesmen, holder
0  Lisa Horton, 2004 Pittsburgh Colts, QB (threw TD pass 7/17/2004)
0  NOTE: Pat Palinkas 1970 holder, Orlando Panthers - does not count as her first and only game was an exhibition.
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