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2019 AFA Alumni Membership
The American Football Association has kicked off its membership campaign for teams, leagues and alumni for 2019. All membership applications/donations are reciprocated with premium fulfillment packages. American Football Association Alumni Membership remains at $50/year. We also offer Premium, Lifetime Gold and Lifetime Platinum Alumni Memberships. AFA Team Memberships are $125/year. To support our annual membership campaign, visit our website at
Membership Campaign & Donation Giving
We want to acknowledge the following 2019 alumni memberships/donations to date:

- Billy Michaels
- Joseph Loughran - Roman Strzala
- Joe Hajducky - Frank DeMarco - Larry Schmidt
- Pedro Trevino - Fred Rihbany - Bill Callahan
- Barry Walters - Peter O'Kane - Mike "Chico" Cain
- Ron Hansen - Dave Cross - Carl Neal
- AJQ Sports Mgmt & Mkting - Kevin McCarthy - Edward Zbikowski
- Mary Lockhart - John Tichy - Bob Beckwith
- Lawrence Pollic - Dick Rosati - Thomas Miniscalco
- William Higgins -  Mike Galeo - Gene Larsen
- Alvin Lollie - Mal Yarke - John Yannuzzi
- Bobby Hitz - Paul Tutsie - Steven Fisher
- Dale Berman - Jeff Wood
Not a lot of outsiders know about the handful of amateur football leagues that play in New York City - Brooklyn alone has its New York Kings, its Pharaohs, its Seminoles.
But in the southeast corner of that borough, the semipro Brooklyn Mariners are an institution, and for 59 years, the team's profane, sidelines-stomping coach has been a local legend. Robert "Pudgie" Walsh was the Knute Rockne of Brooklyn.  
American Football Association Hall of Fame Nomination Process
The 2019 Hall of Fame Inductions are scheduled to be held June 20th - June 21st at the same location as last year, the Pro Football HoF.  
Official ballots will go out by March to all 2019 Active AFA Alumni. Nominations will only be accepted on this official ballot and in the timeframe specified on official ballots.  

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American Football Association Hall of Fame Dinner Program
Continuing to build upon success from our last hall of fame inductions, we have implemented a project to sell ads in next year's dinner program. Please socialize this with your friends and colleagues to purchase ads NOW in support of our 39th Annual Hall of Fame Induction Dinner at the Pro Football Hall of Fame (June 20th - 21st). Just click AFA Dinner Program....... 
2019 American Football Association Membership Campaign Chalkboard
2019 American Football Association Membership Campaign Chalkboard
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